Friday, June 17, 2011

I'm fine !!

Posted By Patrick Chang

Dear All:
   Thank you for all your phone calls and kind words, they make me
feel the warmth and care from our chamber.
   Just wanted to let everyone know that I am OK, I was in a minor
car accident late yesterday(6/15) afternoon.  I was on my way to brief the
Double Ten committee in Richardson about our Musou Band Concert.
   My car was rear-ended at a stoplight.  I thought I was OK but
then I felt dizzy and shaky.  The doctor said I was probably just in
shock, but the hospital ran some tests, CAT scan and X-rays, etc.
Thanks to God, everything was negative, and I was released 4 hours
later.  My husband and I left the hospital around 9:45pm.
   Car will need more work than I will!
   Thank you all again, and drive careful !

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