Monday, June 13, 2011

Thank You Support Letter

Dear Friends and Board Members,                                                                   June 13, 2011
          Thank you for attending our Annual Meeting on June 11th, at the JS Chen Restaurant in the Legacy Plaza.  The meeting was a great success.  I hope everyone had a good time; we had great food and we gave away many prizes.
Personally, I am humbled and honored that you have all shown confidence in me by asking me to be President for another year. 
            After talking with my husband, we have decided that I will accept the Presidency, because he knows from the annual meeting that I was voted for 100% and will get 100% support from all Members.
            During the meeting, we all agreed that leadership and good management does not mean the President does everything!  Everyone needs to help.
This year will be another challenging year.  We will need:
o   More Board Members-- we need fresh ideas to grow to be a better and stronger team than last year
o   More sponsors, such as ticket sponsors for the Musun Concert.
o   More volunteers to help with committees
o   A Strategic Plan for the coming year
            Everyone has conflicts with jobs and businesses and studies.  But “many hands make for light work.”  With many people, each one has less to do.
This Chamber can bring more business to our companies, we can learn how to improve our business, and we can be a positive, visible force in our community.  We had a very successful year last year, and received great community feedback.  We are a team, and with teamwork, this can be a better Chamber, which will benefit everyone.

Eileen Lu Rohde
會長盧英華President, NTCCTC

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